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Wet Stock Management
FuelCom 5080
Level and pressure measurement
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MiniCom 1010

An innovative low cost tank monitoring system

MiniCom® is a low cost tank monitoring system, designed for surveillance of a wide range of storage tanks and oil heating applications, as well as oil burner monitoring. MiniCom® is designed to help end-users and oil companies to plan and organize their wet stock operations more efficiently. The enduser may receive alarm notifications directly to their mobile phone. Send SMS with “INFO” to the MiniCom®, and the current tank level is returned within seconds. A simple press on the button gives a rough level indication on the LEDs.

The MiniCom® stores the last alarms in the unit, representing the latest history. Up to four different subscribers can receive alarms and other notifications (i.e. power failure), as SMS or email.

Typical applications are heating oil, lubricants and diesel tank storage.

MiniCom 1010

All operations are supported by SMS. Used together with the SiteVision™ central server (optional), all information is accessible through the Internet. Integration with ERP systems like SAP is possible for a complete routine automation.

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