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Level and pressure measurement
FuelBar 410
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Cost effective sensor family

The customer specific, submersible pressure transducers UC2 are available for gauge pressure ranges from 0... 100 mbar to 0... 20 bar. Other measuring ranges are available on request.

The most common applications are in the areas of medical devices and for hydrostatic level measurement. Due to the small build (Ø22mm) the transducers could be used in a large variety of applications. 4tech has the know-how to provide solutions for the most diverse applications, adapting both the electrical and the structural aspects of the pressure transducer to your specific application.


Typical users are heating oil, lubricant and diesel customers. The central core of the transducer is the capacitive ceramic pressure sensing element, Ceracore M. Its special features include high overload protection (up to 40 times the nominal pressure span), corrosion resistance and long term stability.



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