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Wet Stock Management
Level and pressure measurement
FuelBar 410
MicroBar P44
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FuelBar 410

The optimal sensor for liquid storage.

FuelBar® 410 is a sensor especially designed for continuous operation in rough and hazardous liquid
environments. A very responsive ceramic sensor element is built into a stainless steel enclosure to provide reliable, high resolution level measurement. The FuelBar® 410 is built for harsh environments and can withstand 40x overpressure of full span.

The sensor construction includes several patented features. Two separate signal loops provide liquid pressure, temperature and water detection. The slim(Ø41mm) construction opens up for combinations i.e. with dipstick, overfill sensor, etc.




FuelBar® 410 can as well be equipped with an integrated PTC element as a dedicated sensor for an overfill prevention system. A manual dipstick can also be fitted into the same 2 inch socket. The unique pipe construction allows the sensor to be packed and transported in a small size cardboard box.

FuelBar® 410 can be ordered in different product designs, suitable for all tanks.



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