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Wet Stock Management
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Wet stock monitoring

FuelWin® is the software package optionally delivered with the FuelCom® 5080 controller. It is both the setup tool for installers and acts as an independent wet stock monitoring system.

4tech has over the last 10 years developed a powerful wet stock monitoring and reconciliation software package for personal computers. FuelWin® uses the 4tech FIP protocol in its full extent to provide the user with the important information collected by the control unit, FuelCom® 5080. FuelWin® acts as a control centre where the complete system can be set up for integration and communication.

FuelWin® gives you an overview of level, temperature and alarm status on each tank. The level and temperature is stored and time stamped every hour.

FuelWin® collects reports for deliveries, calculated sales and leakages. Full benefit with pump traffic included in reports, when connected to supported Point of Sales Systems.

Analysis can be performed by using the real time log function, logging the level of each tank every 10th second.

FuelWin® can also be used for remote control or setup of several sites with communication over standard analogue phone line, ISDN, GSM or TCP-IP.

Do you need to do a grade change in one of your tanks? Use FuelWin®, dial up the site and do the change.

We make it easy.


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